Ninepoint International Small Cap Fund now available

The fund promises true exposure to non-North American small-cap equities

Ninepoint International Small Cap Fund now available

Ninepoint Partners has announced that the Ninepoint International Small Cap Fund, managed by Global Alpha Capital Management, may now be purchased by investors. Sub-advised by a team led by Global Alpha’s Chief Investment Officer Robert Beauregard, the fund complements Ninepoint’s diversified offerings for advisors and their investors.

“We’re excited to partner with the CCL/Global  Alpha team and with Robert, who has a long history of managing institutional capital,” said Ninepoint Partners Managing Partner James Fox. “This will be one of a few funds in Canada that offer investors true exposure to non-North American small-cap equities.”

Using diligent research and risk-management practices, the fund will identify industries and companies with secular growth themes and long-term growth potential not yet recognized by the market. It will invest in a diverse range of sectors and industries spanning the globe, limiting currency and industry-specific risks.

“This strategy has been running for approximately 10 years with institutional capital and has performed well,” said Beauregard. “We’re excited to see it continue to perform            and to work with the Ninepoint team to achieve our investment goals.”

The fund portfolio will include 50 to 70 stocks across a minimum of nine GIC-classified sectors and 18 industry groups, with no single industry making up more than 10% of the fund. Following Global Alpha’s investment approach, it will include active ESG integration, with a particular focus on the environment, human rights, and governance.


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