For CapIntel, latest partnership is a learning opportunity

CEO James Rockwood says collaboration with Canadian ESG leader NEI Investments builds on previous successes

For CapIntel, latest partnership is a learning opportunity

CapIntel, a financial technology firm that offers wholesalers and investment advisors solutions and makes comparisons between different investment products and asset classes, has added another firm to its growing list of partners.

CapIntel has announced a partnership with NEI Investments (NEI), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aviso Wealth Inc. Through the partnership, NEI’s wholesalers will be able to more efficiently build portfolio comparisons from fund data and create best-in-class sales materials using CapIntel’s intuitive fintech solutions.

"We’ve worked with a number of credit unions over the past few years and are familiar with NEI’s product lineup. It felt like a natural progression for us,” CapIntel CEO James Rockwood told Wealth Professional. “We’re excited to help transform the way NEI can position itself in the market and help their team tell their unique story."

Rockwood says the partnership came out of a desire to work with an impressive and well-known company in the Canadian investment space. Beyond that, he saw an opportunity to learn.

“Given NEI’s longstanding focus on responsible investing and the increased interest investors are showing with ESG-focused products, partnering with NEI will help us gain a better perspective on how these companies position their products and tell their story,” he says. “We’ve also seen a lot of success with the credit unions we have partnered with, and are excited for the increased exposure that will help CapIntel grow in this awesome segment.”

NEI has played a leading role in the storied growth of ESG investing in Canada. In 2020, the firm became the first Canadian investment manager to offer an impact mandate for each major asset class with the launch of the NEI Global Impact Bond Fund. It has since taken numerous significant steps in its commitment to ESG, which include unveiling a climate-focused infrastructure fund and imposing a moratorium on all its Russian investments shortly after the country’s invasion of Ukraine.

By seamlessly integrating its existing technology with CapIntel’s platform, NEI wholesalers will be better equipped to engage advisors with more access to information and a better sales experience; respond more quickly to inquiries; and communicate how NEI is distinct in the industry.

“Canadians today are increasingly demanding more information and greater transparency around how they invest their hard-earned money,” Tim Prescott, SVP and Head of Asset Management at Aviso Wealth, said in a statement announcing the partnership. “Partnering with CapIntel will provide NEI with access to sophisticated portfolio analysis and comparison tools that will enable advisors and their clients to invest with the highest degree of confidence.”

 “The current market has highlighted the need by Canadian investors to have access to advisors who take the time to understand their goals, provide sound and personalized financial advice, and add clarity and context to those recommendations,” Rockwood said.