Counsel launches new multi-manager portfolios

New offerings provide for diversified equity and fixed-income investments in top growth companies

Counsel launches new multi-manager portfolios

Counsel Portfolio Services has launched IPC Focus Portfolios, which promise to provide a diversified allocation to equity and fixed-income assets, which are concentrated in top growth companies as determined by the security-selection expertise of leading asset managers.

“We're giving investors access to a strong combination of investment experts that is not otherwise available to Canadians, all within a set of streamlined single-solution portfolios,” said Kevin Hurlburt, Executive Vice-President, Products and Services at Investment Planning Counsel.

The new portfolios, which will be available for purchase beginning October 19, are:

  • IPC Focus Conservative Portfolio
  • IPC Focus Balanced Portfolio
  • IPC Focus Growth Portfolio

Investors in the IPC Focus Portfolios can potentially reap long-term growth benefits through an equity sleeve that provides continuous exposure to global markets, which will be sub-advised by top active equity managers including Picton Mahoney Asset Management, Marsico Capital Managers and Mawer Investment Managers.

For balance and added diversification, the portfolios will also feature a bond component managed by Mackenzie Investment Management.

“Our objective approach to manager selection is just one more way in which our Portfolio Service supports advisors in meeting their clients' goals with portfolios built to match their specific needs and preferences,” Hurlburt said.

Counsel is also lowering the management fee and effecting a minor re-ordering of the names of its IPC Essentials Portfolios:

Revised Portfolio Name

Current Management Fee %
(Series A/F & I)

New Management Fee %
(Series A/F & I)

IPC Essentials Income Portfolio 1.55 / 0.55 1.45 / 0.45
IPC Essentials Balanced Portfolio 1.55 / 0.55 1.45 / 0.45
IPC Essentials ESG Balanced Portfolio 1.55 / 0.55 1.45 / 0.45
IPC Essentials Growth Portfolio 1.55 / 0.55 1.45 / 0.45

In order to broaden the appeal of the IPC Essentials Portfolios, Counsel said it’s realigning their strategies toward market-based outcomes. Aside from eliminating allocations to trend-following strategies, the firm is eliminating the dynamic currency-management strategy for each of the portfolios.

For investors who wish to receive a regular monthly cash flow from the IPC Essentials Income Portfolio, Counsel has set a fixed monthly distribution for each series of the portfolio:

Fixed Distribution Series Monthly Distributions Per Security
Series A $0.01
Series F $0.02
Series I $0.03

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