Picton Mahoney Asset Management

Office address: 33 Yonge Street, Suite 830 Toronto, Ontario M5E 1G4, Canada 
Website: www.pictonmahoney.com 
Year established: 2004 
Company type: Investment management 
Employees: 137 
Expertise: Alternative investments, portfolio construction 
Parent company: N/A 
CEO and key people: David Picton, president and CEO 
Financing status: Employee-owned 

Picton Mahoney Asset Management is a 100% employee-owned investment management company that specializes in alternative investments and portfolio construction. It caters to institutional and retail investors across Canada and the US. Apart from Toronto, the firm has offices in Calgary, Montréal, and Vancouver.   

History of Picton Mahoney Asset Management 

Picton Mahoney Asset Management was founded in 2004 by David Picton and a team of seasoned investment professionals. The firm's establishment was marked by a departure from traditional 60/40 equity and bond portfolios, focusing instead on alternative investment funds. This approach quickly garnered attention, leading to the launch of their first equity-based alternative funds in 2005.  

Over the years, Picton Mahoney expanded its portfolio, introducing fixed income funds in 2009, multi-asset strategy funds in 2017, and merger arbitrage funds in 2020. The firm’s commitment to research and portfolio construction innovation has been a cornerstone of its growth and success.  

Products and services of Picton Mahoney Asset Management 

Since its establishment, Picton Mahoney Asset Management has launched several innovative products and services to help investors grow their portfolios, including: 

  • Authentic Hedge funds: Pioneering funds that uses authentic hedging strategies for risk minimization. 
  • Fixed income funds: Offers hedged exposure to income markets.
  • Multi-asset strategy: A combination of assets and strategies curated to achieve better diversification. 
  • Merger arbitrage: Designed to generate consistent, positive returns with low volatility and low correlation to both equity and bond markets. 
  • Fortified mutual funds: A diverse range of strategies tailored for retail investors. 
  • Picton Mahoney Income Opportunities Fund: A unique blend of income and hedging strategies.  

Culture at Picton Mahoney Asset Management 

Picton Mahoney Asset Management’s culture is defined by its entrepreneurial spirit, collaborative environment, and impactful work. The firm fosters professional growth within an inclusive and supportive work environment. The company’s commitment to innovation and continuous improvement is the driving force behind its strategies and programs aimed at enhancing employee engagement and experience.  

About Picton Mahoney President/CEO David Picton 

David Picton is a founding partner and the president and CEO of Picton Mahoney Asset Management. He has been the company’s top executive for almost two decades. He also serves as the firm’s lead portfolio manager, handling its Canadian equity market. He has been a prominent figure in the country’s investment industry for the past several decades.  

Prior to establishing the company, Picton helped launch Synergy Asset Management in 1997, working as lead manager of its Canadian momentum portfolio. He also served as head of quantitative research at RBC Dominion Securities. Picton has an Honours Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of British Columbia.   

Future at Picton Mahoney Asset Management 

As Picton Mahoney Asset Management approaches two decades in the industry, the firm remains committed to bringing alternative investments to a wider audience. The company will continue to play a leading role in educating advisors and investors about alternative strategies, ensuring informed investment decisions. Picton Mahoney’s focus on innovation and expanding the toolkit for advisors, as well as its resiliency and adaptability, propel its position as among Canada’s leaders in portfolio construction. 

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