Picton Mahoney Asset Management

'We want to be the default expert in portfolio construction'

Picton Mahoney's new director of Portfolio Construction explains how he is helping advisors enhance their portfolios

Special situations require special strategy to capture returns

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Post-pandemic portfolios

Standing on the other side of the valley, now is not the time to rely upon the habit-formed portfolio, writes Michael White

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Sentiment has weakened according to the Bank of America’s monthly barometer

Picton Mahoney announces new alt strategy

Event-driven strategies behind new liquid-alt fund help investors seeking uncorrelated returns, income, and capital gains

Finding your desired outcome with Picton Mahoney

Firm offers a Portfolio Construction Consultation Service, which gives advisors access to data analysis, and helps them to achieve better outcomes

Picton Mahoney looks to help build client portfolios’ resilience

No-charge portfolio construction consultation service offers advisor access to comprehensive data analytics

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