Wearable tech could have big healthcare impact

The information gleaned by wearable technology could be a boon for healthcare providers, according to a new report

Wearable technology could have a big impact on the healthcare system, according to a News Medical report.

It’s already common to see wearable technology, like smart watches and fitness monitors, that can keep track of things like the wearer’s sleep patterns, heartrate and general activity level. Now, new research from the Journal of The Textile Institute suggests the future of wearables could be in technology-enhanced clothing, integrating the tech even more into consumers’ daily lives.

That kind of technology could be a boon to healthcare, according to News Medical.

“An individual typically receives four types of care; ambulatory, preventative, chronic, and acute,” News Medical stated. “The data from these four points of care are distinct and fragmented, but wearable technology could be the solution.”

The article imagines tech-integrated clothing that could deliver biometric information from the wearer to those that needed it. For example, News Medical imagines a racecar driver’s sensor-enhanced suit delivering information on his heart rate, body temperature and water loss to his pit crew.

“Wearable technology, with its integrated sensors and devices, can make this possible,” the article states.