Sun Life rejects coverage for 9-year-old because of his ‘build’

Sun Life Financial is coming under fire for rejecting coverage for a 9-year-old because of his ‘build’ – despite the fact that the family doctor says the boy is in good health

Sun Life Financial is coming under fire for rejecting health coverage for a 9-year-old boy due to his “build.”

Alex Doiron is 5’2” and weighs 135 pounds, according to a CBC News report. Last week, his mother, Josée Doiron, received a letter from Sun Life stating, “After careful review, we regret that we are unable to offer coverage for Alex Doiron due to his build.” The rest of the family has been approved.
Josée Doiron said she was “outraged” and “dumbfounded” at Sun Life’s decision.

“He’s built pretty much like my husband, and my husband had no problem getting coverage,” she told CBC News.

Alex Doiron has no health problems other than mild asthma, according to CBC News. His mother said that the Doiron family doctor has told her that Alex’s weight is not a concern.

Josée Doiron said that her entire family had been covered without issue by Sun Life in the past. Previously, their insurance plan was purchased through her husband’s employer, but that coverage was terminated when he was laid off. Shortly thereafter, Doiron applied for similar coverage, CBC News reported.

A CBC News investigation has apparently prompted the insurer to reconsider the case. The insurer has since contacted Doiron and said her family’s case wasn’t handled correctly, and that Sun Life would conduct an inquiry with the family doctor about Alex’s health.

However, she told CBC News that she was considering switching insurers even if Sun Life does reverse the decision.

“It’s something I would need to sit down and think about, if I would want a company like that representing me,” she said.

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