Pacific Cross, HealthCare 365 partner to serve clients in Southeast Asia

Pacific Cross Insurance Company’s clients across Southeast Asia will soon have access to the HealthCare 365 Personal Health Record web app

Pacific Cross Insurance Company will soon provide the HealthCare 365 Personal Health Record web app to its insurance clients across Southeast Asia.

HealthCare 365 provides tools to help clients better manage and organize their care based on factors like conditions, providers, appointments and more, according to a release by the firm. It provides the basis for clients managing chronic conditions to start an ongoing relationship with a team of nurses and other staff that, with the client’s permission, can access the HealthCare 365 PHR to help facilitate more efficient healthcare collaboration. The app should be available to Southeast Asia clients in late 2016.

“The HealthCare 365 partnership gives Pacific Cross a unique opportunity to provide clients with a product that is not available from other insurance providers,” said PCIL board member Brenda Hancock. “The PHR app creates a way for our clients to take charge of their personal records and by doing so create a better relationship with caregivers, such as hospitals and walk-in clinics, improving triage and accuracy of diagnosis, which leads to time and money savings for both clients and Pacific Cross.”

“It can be overwhelming for individuals to keep track of all the details surrounding their healthcare issues,” said HealthCare 365 CEO Skip Schwarz. “We are excited to partner with Pacific Cross to offer personalized health care tools to their client base.”

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