Manulife partners with Garmin for Vitality program

Manulife has partnered with the wearable technology company for a program that rewards healthy choices

Manulife has announced that Garmin is joining its Vitality program in Canada as an awards provider.

Manulife’s Vitality program, scheduled to launch later this year, rewards members for being active and making healthy choices, according to a news release. Manulife will be offering program members a free Garmin vivofit 3 wearable activity device when they register for Vitality as part of select life insurance programs.

“We are extremely excited to be selected as the wearable technology provider to Manulife Vitality members,” said Cliff Pemble, president and CEO of Garmin. “Manulife’s innovative new insurance program recognizes the important role that wearable technology can play to encourage healthier, more active lifestyles.”

Members of the Vitality program earn points by completing healthy living activities like health education courses, exercising, and getting annual health screenings, according to the release. The more points members accumulate over a year, the higher their status level. The higher a member’s staus level, the more rewards and benefits that member is eligible for.

“The Garmin wearable technology fits in nicely with the Manulife Vitality program in Canada,” said Marianne Harrison, president and CEO of Manulife Canada. “The wearable device helps members keep track of their progress and motivates them to achieve their health and wellness goals. Through a seamless connection with Manulife Vitality, a member can automatically be recognized for meeting daily fitness goals, which is exactly what this program is all about.”

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