Cannabis Canada Association supports intent of government’s new cannabis access rules

While the association announced its support for the government’s Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations, it did raise concerns about the dangers of increasing supply to the black market

The Cannabis Canada Association has announced its support for the government’s Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR), but voiced its concern that the policy might increase the supply of untested product to the black market. The association is an organization of licenses producers of medical cannabis.

“We are supportive of the government’s decision to address the need for constitutionally protected access to medical cannabis, and are pleased to see some improvements that we proactively suggested included in the announcement,” said Colette Rivet, the association’s executive director. “While Cannabis Canada Association is supportive of the right to access, the association, like the government, recognizes that home cultivation and designated growing are complicated and costly to implement and oversee.”

A government analysis found that home cultivation increased risks to growers and their families from mould, pesticides, fire and home invasion. The government also found that home cultivation could lead to negative impacts on neighbours, landlords, and law enforcement.

“While growing at home may be right for some, it is important for our association to reiterate that Canada’s licensed producers provide production facilities that are state of the art, sanitary, secure and professionally operated,” Rivet said. “Our members’ products are tested, consistent, high-quality and protected from contamination. An exceptional variety of products is produced at a range of competitive prices – all this, while ensuring no diversion to the illegal market and full traceability of products. The system here is the envy of the world.”