J.P. Morgan joins CETFA as new affiliate member

CETFA welcomes J.P. Morgan, boosting Canada's ETF industry growth and advocacy

J.P. Morgan joins CETFA as new affiliate member

The Canadian ETF Association (CETFA) has announced the addition of global financial powerhouse J.P. Morgan to its ranks as an affiliate member.

Michael Cooke, the CETFA Board Chair, extended a warm welcome to J.P. Morgan's Securities Services, praising their entrance as a pivotal moment for the association.

He remarked, “On behalf of the Canadian ETF Association (CETFA), I would like to welcome J.P. Morgan’s Securities Services as our newest affiliate member.”

Cooke highlighted J.P. Morgan's known standing in the global ETF market and its anticipated role in propelling CETFA's mission to nurture the growth, sustainability, and integrity of Canada's ETF industry.

He also pointed out, “The steady expansion of CETFA is also a great validation of the important work done by its member firms in support of that mission.”

From J.P. Morgan's side, Matt Mayer, the head of Securities Services Product Management in Canada, shared his insights on the growing prominence of ETFs as an asset class on a global scale.

He acknowledged the surging demand from Canadian clients and issuers for ETF support, stating, “ETFs are an increasingly fast-growing asset class and are becoming more important to investors across the globe.”

Mayer emphasized the significance of J.P. Morgan's involvement in industry advocacy as a demonstration of its commitment to Canadian clients.

He concluded, “It’s a huge benefit for both our business and our clients to be able to work with the experts at CETFA,” underlining the mutual advantages of this new partnership.