Franklin Templeton Canada unveils new innovation funds

Firm is leveraging strategy behind innovation fund with over 50-year history and US$20-billion AUM

Franklin Templeton Canada unveils new innovation funds

Franklin Templeton Canada has launched a mutual fund and ETF that leverages an innovation investment strategy with a record of success going back more than half a century.

The Franklin Innovation Fund and the TSX-listed Franklin Innovation ETF (FINO) actively invest in companies that are leaders in innovation, take advantage of new technologies, and benefit from new industry connections amid the dynamically changing global economy.

“As innovation continues to drive wealth creation in the economy, our innovation funds use active management to navigate the complexities of investing in emerging breakthroughs and technologies,” said Franklin Templeton Canada President and CEO Duane Green. “Leveraging the more than 50-year history of this strategy and the strong investment success of portfolio manager Matthew Moberg and the Franklin Equity Group based near Silicon Valley, Canadian investors can now access this innovation investment expertise in an ETF or mutual fund.”

For the past 16 years, Moberg, CPA, has been portfolio manager to the US$20-billion U.S.-registered Franklin Dynatech Fund, Franklin Templeton’s top-selling fund in the U.S. last year. He also manages innovation funds for global investors.

Moberg is also senior vice president of the Franklin Equity Group, which consists of more than 50 investment professionals that support the research and development of U.S., global, and sector equity portfolios.

“Rapid change and significant breakthroughs are occurring in key areas, including global e-commerce, genomics, intelligent machines, finance and exponential data,” said Moberg, who is managing the new funds. “Comprehensive research and active management are key factors in identifying and investing in technologies and ideas that we believe are poised to generate economic value and growth potential for our investors, in the near future and beyond.”

FINO invests substantially all its assets in Franklin Innovation Fund. It joins other ETFs on Franklin Templeton’s platform, which includes active, smart-beta, and passive ETFs spanning multiple asset classes and geographies to provide better client outcomes across a range of market conditions and investment opportunities.


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