Vontobel continues North American boutique expansion

Firm offers Canadian and U.S. investors more choice with global, emerging-market, and China-focused strategies

Vontobel continues North American boutique expansion

In response to increased demand for systematic and fundamental investing, Vontobel has made several of its Vescore and Sustainable Equities boutiques' strategies available to the North American market.

The strategies include systematic multi-asset solutions, as well as strategies centered on impact investing, sustainable emerging market equities, and opportunities in China. These strategies are based on consistent investment philosophies combined with in-depth research, disciplined processes, and risk management.

By introducing new solutions to US and Canadian investors, this most recent launch of strategies from Vontobel's Sustainable Equities and Vescore boutiques completes the firm’s multi-boutique rollout in North America, bolstering the company's already strong presence in the region.

“With more than 30 years’ worth of investment management, Vontobel has established its global success through differentiated investment expertise,” said Thomas Wittwer, Chief Executive Officer of Vontobel Asset Management, Inc. US.

The Vescore Active Beta Strategy focuses on tactical risk premia management through quantitative model-based allocation and risk management. Investing in international equities and government bonds, it helps provide optimal allocation without behavioral bias and is sensitive to the current market environment.

The Vescore Active Beta Opportunities Strategy is designed to build strong portfolios that aim for long-term, positive absolute returns, diversification potential, and liquidity. It employs allocation of five risk premia: equities, fixed income, commodities, volatility, and currencies.

It creates strong portfolios that aim for long-term, positive absolute returns, diversification potential, and liquidity by using tactical allocation of five risk premia—equities, fixed income, commodities, volatility, and currencies.

The Global Environmental Change Strategy gives access to leaders in clean technology by investing in stocks of cutting-edge, international businesses with long-term growth potential that offer solutions for clean water, clean energy, future mobility, smart buildings, resource efficiency, or recycling.

The mtx Sustainable Emerging Markets Leaders Strategy aims to find corporate equity issuers across all global emerging markets with above-average quality in terms of return on invested capital and strong industry positions that can invest in future growth.

Finally, the mtx China A-Shares Leaders Strategy looks to invest in stocks of businesses with high returns on invested capital and dominant market positions. The stocks in the portfolio are either China A-Shares or have a connection to China A-Shares.

“We believe these strategies have a long track record of success internationally, and we are excited to make them available to investors in the US and Canada as we help them achieve their long-term investment goals,” Wittwer said.

The new strategies join three emerging markets bond strategies that its Zurich-based Fixed Income Boutique released in North America last year.

Before that, TwentyFour Asset Management, a London-based fixed income boutique for Vontobel, entered the US market in 2017. It joined the company's renowned Quality Growth Boutique, a specialist in global equities.