Fiera Capital takes first step into Middle East with new UAE office

Montreal-based firm's strategic launch affirms commitment to regional growth

Fiera Capital takes first step into Middle East with new UAE office
Steve Randall

Fiera Capital has announced a further step in its new regionalized distribution model with a strategic office launch in the United Arab Emirates.

The Montreal based firm’s Abu Dhabi office is its first in the Middle East region and follows a recent expansion in Europe where it opened a Swiss office. The UAE office is part of the firm’s growth plans across the Gulf Cooperation Council region, which includes Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE.

"This inaugural establishment in the Middle East serves as a cornerstone of our strategic entry into the region, reflecting our commitment to cultivating a robust and enduring presence, and marking another significant advancement in our regionalization strategy," said Jean-Guy Desjardins, chairman of the board and global CEO.

Fiera is no stranger to the Gulf region as an investor and the new office builds on that existing presence which will be expanded over time.

"By leveraging our existing and well-established clientele base in the region, we are strategically positioned to fortify our market foothold within the GCC Region,” added Desjardins. “As we inaugurate operations in Abu Dhabi, we remain steadfast in our pursuit of consolidating our standing and extending our influence across the broader Middle Eastern landscape."

Proven record

Klaus Schuster, executive director and CEO, Fiera Capital EMEA, said that being mature investors in the Middle East is a clear advantage for the Canadian asset manager.

"We've proven that we can drive value creation in high-growth geographies as well as on home ground. Investors with capital to deploy at scale are looking for points of difference, especially in a period of global market volatility,” he said. "Leveraging the strong relationships we've forged with sovereign wealth funds, family offices, pension funds and major listed corporates in the region, we're taking the next logical step in our expansion.”

Schuster added that investors at all levels are seeking multi-asset portfolio solutions in both private and public markets and the Middle East offering will “replicate the bedrock on which Fiera Capital's success has been built; a philosophy of investing in quality over long-term horizons in the absolute pursuit of steady and financially sustainable alpha."

Paul Doyle and Xavier Zawisza will co-lead the new office and were selected for their expertise and experience in the region.