Office address: 100 Rue Des Commandeurs Lévis QC G6V 7N5 


Year established: 1900 
Company type: financial services provider 
Employees: 58,774 
Expertise: cooperative banking, financial services, insurance 
Parent company: N/A 
CEO and key people: Guy Cormier - Board Chair, President and CEO 
Financing status:

Desjardins, a leading financial cooperative in North America, is renowned for its comprehensive range of financial services and its commitment to the economic and social well-being of individuals and communities. With a strong presence in Québec and Ontario, Desjardins stands out for its cooperative governance, extensive regional presence, and innovative approach to banking and finance.   

History of Desjardins 

Founded in 1900 by Alphonse and his wife Dorimène Desjardins, the company has a rich history rooted in the cooperative movement. It began as the first savings and credit cooperative in North America, Caisse populaire de Lévis, and has since grown into a vast network of financial services.  

At the time of Alphonse Desjardins’ death in 1920, he and his wife had established 163 caisses populaires in Québec, 18 in Ontario and around 9 in the US. Canadian economist Rodrigue Tremblay has said of Desjardins: “The work he left behind makes him the greatest economic leader in Quebec.” 

Desjardins has continued to expand in reach and services. Today, it has 7.5 million clients with 210 caisses in Quebec and Ontario. The company has also expanded into other areas of business such as wealth management, life and health insurance, and property and casualty insurance.    

Products and Services of Desjardins 

Desjardins offers a wealth of products and services such as: 

  • personal and business services: Desjardins offers a wide range of banking services tailored to individual and business needs. 

  • wealth management: caters to individuals and businesses looking to grow and manage their wealth. Desjardins offers investment advice, portfolio management, retirement planning, and various other investment products 

  • life and health insurance: Desjardins provides comprehensive life and health insurance products, which include term and whole life insurance, critical illness insurance, and health and disability insurance  

  • savings and investments products: available through the caisses, the Desjardins Business centres and the Signature Service centres 

Culture at Desjardins 

Desjardins is committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion, recognizing these as sources of strength and innovation. The organization fosters a culture that values differences in gender, ethnicity, culture, religion, age, and experience.  

Desjardins is also dedicated to sustainable development, aiming for net zero emissions by 2040 and integrating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria into all operations. As of 2022, Desjardins offered 30 SocieTerra products, a milestone in Canada's responsible investing space.   

About Desjardins President and CEO Guy Cormier 

Guy Cormier, President and CEO since 2016, has a background in finance and cooperative governance. Under his leadership, Desjardins has focused on member and client experience, community impact through initiatives like the GoodSpark Fund, and a strong commitment to a cooperative model.  

Cormier joined Desjardins in 1992 and has been with the organization ever since. He has a degree in business administration and management and an MBA from HEC Montreal. Cormier is part of Wealth Professional’s Hot List 2021.   

Future at Desjardins 

Desjardins is poised for continued growth and innovation, with a focus on sustainable development and responsible finance. The organization aims to further integrate ESG criteria into its operations and products, support the transition to a sustainable economy, and maintain its role as a leader in the financial cooperative sector. 

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