New long-short alt fund from Picton Mahoney

Firm lays claim to having Canada's largest offering of liquid alternatives with latest product

New long-short alt fund from Picton Mahoney

Picton Mahoney Asset Management is giving Canadian investors broader access to downside risk mitigation and volatility management through a new liquid alternative fund.

The Picton Mahoney Fortified Long Short Alternative Fund aims to provide consistent long-term capital appreciation and an attractive risk-adjusted rate of return. It is now trading on the TSX under the ticker symbol PFLS, and is also available as Class A, Class F, and Class I mutual fund securities.

“We have been actively managing our Authentic Hedge long short strategy for over 14 years and have achieved our objectives of providing investors with equity market like returns with better downside risk mitigation,” said David Picton, president, CEO, and portfolio manager at Picton Mahoney. “Our new alternative fund offering now allows a much broader segment of Canadian investors to benefit from our proven experience and results.”

The firm’s newest offering joins others on its line-up of Fortified Alternative Funds, which Picton says is now the largest selection of liquid alts offered to investors in Canada. The line-up incorporates Picton Mahoney’s proprietary Fortified Investing approach, a rules-based technique focuses on managing risk through downside exposure mitigation while seeking long-term growth, irrespective of market conditions.

“In the current unpredictable environment, investors are understandably concerned about equity market volatility,” Picton said. “Our new fund aims to offer a more comfortable investment experience, helping Canadians stay invested and on track in meeting their financial goals with greater certainty.”


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