DealSquare announces fully digitized private-placement process

Platform's new iteration offers three breakthrough enhancements to serve advisors, investors, and dealers

DealSquare announces fully digitized private-placement process

Roughly half a year after DealSquare’s launch in October, the online private-placements platform has been updated to offer a fully digitized and automated process for investors.

“With DealSquare 2.0, we have fully digitized the private markets,” said Peter-Paul Van Hoeken, founder and managing director of DealSquare. “For the issuers of private placements this also provides a new type of distribution model that has never been available before.”

The platform’s latest iteration offers three significant enhancements over the original:

  • It enables advisors to perform online order entry and subscription execution by their client investors through the use of electronic signing;
  • It provides dealers and issuers with online order book management capabilities, including electronic closing; and
  • It features user-experience improvements aimed at making the platform more efficient and totally intuitive.

Users, dealers, and advisors on the platform can expect less human error, as well as decreased time spent on routine administrative work. Investment documents are also more secure as they cannot be altered, with updates to documents still made possible by the platform’s ability to have investors sign a new version in a seamless fashion.

“We're taking the private placement solution that we built together with [Silver Maple Ventures] to the next level,” said NEO President and CEO Jos Schmitt. “This is full digitization and automation of the private placement workflows – every step of the process is supported, to the benefit of efficiency, cost savings and operational risk reduction for advisors and dealers.”

The update came shortly after Exponential, a global financial services company focused on digital asset investing, fundraising and trading made its debut on DealSquare last week.

The company has made its actively managed $100-million Digital Asset Fund to accredited investors on the private-placement platform, as well as to retail investors on investment crowdfunding platform FrontFundr. The venture-capital style fund offers exposure to companies that “bet on the promise of emerging and distributed ledger technologies.”

The vision of our fund positions our investors for market disruptions,” said James Wallace, co-founder and co-CEO of Exponential, in a statement announcing the fund’s listing on DealSquare. “This could not be more relevant to us today than ever before as we face global disruptions due to COVID-19. … We’re building a secure and efficient venture capital-style fund that supports the future economy.”


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