Business strategy

  • Leaders and managers: Your business needs both

    Business consultant Samuel Day on the difference between good leadership and good management

  • Three keys to creating a positive culture

    It’s vital to maintain a positive culture in your company, and that means tailoring your business to a diverse range of workers

  • How to overcome excuses

    Great people throughout history have often failed, quite miserably, before finally reaching their goals, writes international business strategist Dan Waldschmidt

  • WP finalist relocates for success

    WP Award finalist Elie Nour has accomplished what most advisors eyeing a hot market from afar can only dream of.

  • Client Relationship Management Roundtable

    Advisors have been racing to revamp their practices in light of upcoming new client relationship management rules. WP gathered a group of industry veterans to sound off on the new regulations known as CRM2.

  • Content Marketing: Here to Stay

    Content marketing might be the latest marketing buzzword, but what does it mean and, more importantly, can it add value to your advice business? One thing is certain, Peter Bowman explains, for the foreseeable future, it’s here to stay

  • ​Client Communication: Digital vs. Traditional

    As blogs, newsletters and videos become normal modes of client communication, advisors are heading into the brave new world of digitization. But old-school communication is just as key to connecting with a client’s enduringly emotional heart, warns Anders Sorman-Nilsson

  • ​Succession Planning

    When it comes to mapping out an exit strategy, an advisor is ‘in tough’ if she ignores the basics of maximizing business value for prospective buyers

  • ​Effectively transitioning to a Fee-Based Business

    Advisors who quickly transition to a fee-based business are realizing faster growth in revenue and are increasing the per-client value of their book

  • ​Turning Likes into Leads

    Compliance-obsessed advisors get nervous when discussing Twitter, let alone using it. But social media can - and should - be more beneficial than burdensome. Here, writes Maggie Crowley, are four key steps to success