Why Canadian Advisors Need Proper Tools and Research

Why Canadian Advisors Need Proper Tools and Research

The advisory practice in Canada is going through a major shift. Advisors are not only battling with the increased scrutiny of regulatory requirements such as Client Focused Reforms but also the rise of semi-automated advice options. Also, the impending Total Cost Reporting requirements will call for more transparent reporting, thereby shining a light on the actual value of advice being provided.

The value of good advice for investors can never be stressed enough. A significant development that advisors need to focus on right now is the Great Wealth Transfer happening in Canada. The country is witnessing the largest intergenerational wealth transfer, and advisors must equip themselves with the right tools and research to empower the next generation of investors.

Read our whitepaper to understand these changes better and learn how you can adapt to continue serving your clients effectively.

What's Inside

  • The Great Wealth Transfer
  • Where are professionals getting their financial advice these days?
  • The inevitability of open banking
  • Tools and research to help advisors navigate change and demonstrate value


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