Understanding your client’s sustainability preferences

Understanding your client’s sustainability preferences

In today's world, investors are increasingly interested in sustainable investing, and as a result, financial advisors must upgrade their knowledge and support their clients to stay relevant. Choosing investments that positively impact the world while delivering solid returns is essential, and this need has only grown in recent years.

The good news is that this comprehensive white paper provides financial advisors with an essential guide on selecting investments that meet their clients' needs. The white paper includes:

  • A clear definition of sustainable investing
  • Insights into the latest Client Focused Reform regulation around ESG
  • Data-driven insights to help advisors select the best investments for their clients

By downloading this white paper, financial advisors will also learn how to:

  • Assimilate client ESG preferences into their portfolio
  • Personalize investment selections to align with client values and goals
  • Secure more business

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