How to master the art of covered call writing

How to master the art of covered call writing

Are your clients’ portfolios generating enough income to support their retirement?

This method of using a stock’s option to generate income is hugely popular in today’s period of low interest rates – yet are still widely misunderstood.

Despite reducing risk in many cases, many still see the strategy as actually adding risk. The truth is that when strong, global businesses adopt the call option strategy it is a powerful energizer.

In this free white paper, Harvest Portfolio CEO Michael Kovacs explains how the strategy works, why it reduces risk and how Harvest uses it to generate more money for investors who hold its funds.

Download it now to:

  • Learn how covered call options can enhance portfolio returns.

  • Understand this low risk way to increase returns

  • Gain strategies to creates tax advantaged income through an active covered call writing process

  • See how a covered call process can reduce volatility.


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