Fintech, robo-advisors, and the future of advice

Fintech, robo-advisors, and the future of advice

Despite the name, robo-advisors are not robots coming to take your job. Rather, robo-advisors function as digital wealth management platforms to allow wealth professionals and portfolio managers to automate some of the work they do.

Robo-advisor, Nest Wealth, allows you to off-load inefficient work to improve margins and better serve your clients. This white paper provided by Nest Wealth will:

  • Debunk common myths, fears, and misconceptions about robo-advisors
  • Highlight digital features and benefits of robo-advisors to yours and your clients’ bottom line
  • Explore the impact of robo-advisors on the Future of Advice
  • Offer a proven client case study of time and savings by using Nest Wealth

Decrease time spent on non-revenue generating activities and increase your revenues. Download the free white paper to learn more about the value of robo-advisors and the impact of the Future of Advice on your business.

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