Wealth Professional Awards 2022: Event Highlights

Wealth management professionals from across Canada flocked to a sold-out Liberty Grand in Toronto for the Wealth Professional Awards, after being hosted virtually for the past two years.

The highly-anticipated gala event, which sold out weeks in advance, recognized the best and brightest from the Canadian wealth management industry during the past year – one that was every bit as eventful for the country’s leading wealth professionals, financial advisors, advisory brokerages, fund providers, BDMs and service providers as the previous one.

Wealth Professional Canada would like to thank all of those who made this year’s event such a roaring success including our esteemed sponsors, attendees, and judges in each category.

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Host: [00:00:03] The eighth Annual Wealth Professional Awards brought to you by Wealth Professional Magazine and Key Media International.

Interviewer: [00:00:19] How does it feel to walk away with this award tonight?

Franklin Templeton: [00:00:22] So it's pretty exciting for us. It's the second time in six years that we've won it, and I think it's a real reflection on the change that we're trying to make to our company and our interactions with advisors in the Canadian market.

Sonia Leroy: [00:00:34] Over the last year, I've been focusing on trying to encourage other advisors, the general public as well as my clients, to spread the word among their friends, families, everyone they know to use their money. Money for good. Change the world.

Jasmit Bhandal: [00:01:12] It was actually surreal to walk into the room just because I haven't been in a location with so many people. So it took a little bit of getting used to. I felt a little stunned by it. But you're right, now that I've been here a few hours, it feels great to see friendly faces from the industry that I haven't seen in a couple of years.

Mark Pinto: [00:01:32] It's very humbling, to say the least. You know, when you come across people who are given five and a half decades of their life to blaze a trail, to bring transformation, to set the foundation that firms like us can come and start to innovate and morph the industry up to the next level. He's passed the baton and the torch, and we're looking forward to making sure that we can do a great job as well.

Tim Holley: [00:02:10] You guys know it's a great event tonight and thank you to Wealth professional for putting this on like you do every year. It's great to see everybody. So it's just it makes us proud to be able to support events like this.