Protect clients’ portfolios with CSV lines of credit

An often misunderstood tool, CSV Lines of Credit can help you unlock tax-free cash for clients who have immediate liquidity needs, all while keeping their investment portfolio intact and growing.

Many Canadians are feeling anxious about their “rainy day” cash reserves, yet are understandably reluctant to withdraw assets from their investment portfolio. Knowing funds can be accessed to meet any – and all – urgent liquidity demands can provide clients with significant peace of mind. A CSV Line of Credit offers a solution to add the financial flexibility Canadians need right now.

Learn more about CSV lines in this free webinar from Equitable Bank and understand how credit lines are a valuable tool for increasing clients’ cash buffer while deepening relationships and preserving AUM.

Watch now and gain insight into:

  • Making the most of life insurance policies
  • Accessing cash without interrupting the growth of your policy
  • Understanding CSV products and tools