KYC regulation: Uncovering actionable insights to better serve your clients

Financial advisors are searching for ways to deliver differentiated value to clients without getting slowed down from meeting regulatory requirements.

The changes to KYC regulation stemming from the Client Focused Reforms (CFR) could simply be addressed as a regulatory imperative. However, this free industry webinar will explain how the ability to uncover actionable insights from these client preferences will allow advisors to stand out and build better customer relationships.

Leading industry and compliance SMEs gather to discuss how firms have adapted to Client Focused Reforms, as well as the top concerns they are still facing.

Watch this free webinar access today and gain essential insights on:

  • How the shift from KYP to KYC is impacting the focus of home office teams and their advisors
  • Best practices for integrating risk and client preferences into meaningful investment decisions
  • How the right processes and technologies can ease the compliance burden on advisors and empower them to better serve their clients