Guiding high-net-worth clients through family financial crisis

Today’s High Net Worth clients want their financial lives to be understood deeply and managed holistically. Financial advisors need to find innovative and strategic ways to manage cash flow, for everything from maintaining vacation properties to supporting family members in need.

High Net Worth clients value personalized and comprehensive planning services. For you and your team, real-life case studies can help you design strategies to solve the unique problems these clients face.

In this case-study-based, free webinar from HomeEquity Bank, you will learn more about the challenges many 55+ homeowners are facing while trying to sustain long-term investment plans. Discover opportunities to capitalize on this fast-growing client segment, and how other leading financial advisors have used the CHIP Reverse Mortgage to solve unique client problems.

Provide exceptional service to most clients’ unanswered concerns:

  • How to advise clients on containing the costs of maintaining/upgrading Vacation Properties
  • Guiding clients through family financial crisis without disturbing investment plans
  • Provide tax-efficient cash flow alternatives and minimize RIF withdrawals