Evermore retirement ETFs: Under the hood of Canada's first target date ETFs

The Evermore Retirement ETFs are the first and only target date ETFs in Canada. With a management fee of only 35 bps, fee based advisors can now add target date strategies to their clients RRSP and TFSA accounts for a more efficient one-ticket solution. Advisors can spend less time rebalancing the retirement investment accounts in their books, and focus on client service and growing their business.

In this webinar, Evermore Capital chief investment officer Brian See will walk through the Evermore approach to asset allocation and how they arrived at their selection of asset classes, glide path, and underlying funds.

After Evermore’s analysis of the North American ETF universe, the evidence pointed to building the fixed income portion of their portfolios using underlying ETFs from Vanguard. Joining Brian will be Vanguard Investments Canada senior strategist Surenanthan Tharumakulasingam to discuss Vanguard’s perspective on the fixed income markets.

Watch now and gain insight into:

  • Solving the asset allocation problem over time
  • Efficient frontier analysis
  • Glide path construction
  • Why fixed income belongs in the long-term portfolio