Young Guns 2014

Young Guns 2014

WP identifies some of ‘the keeners’ in today’s wealth industry — specifically young Canadian advisors best positioned to lead tomorrow and, indeed, today

Better watch your back, these up-and-comers don’t need to kowtow to any industry veteran - though they may be interested in buying your book.

Whether growing their own books by tens of millions a year or dedicating their free time to mentoring the next generation on financial health and stability, this rising group of wealth professionals is in a league of its own.

These precocious players don’t have a choice. The industry demands their expertise and exuberance.

Today, a new type of wealth professional is at work. Investors are savvy, clients’ expectations are soaring, and the number of regulatory boxes to check are growing.

The status quo no longer cuts it.

This exclusive list, compiled by WP, represents those on the cutting edge, with, what looks like, a long and prosperous future ahead of them.

They’re young (under 35 years), hard at work, and ready for the next challenge ... and the one after that. 

To read the complete feature, please download Wealth Professional Canada's Issue #2.3.

Welcome to WP’s Young Guns 2014.