Wealth Professional Canada's Top 50 Financial Advisors

Wealth Professional Canada's Top 50 Financial Advisors
Wealth Professional Canada's Top 50 Financial AdvisorsThe time has come to recognize the country’s finest planners as  we unveil Wealth Professional’s inaugural list of the top 50 financial  advisors in Canada. In a trailblazing initiative, the industry’s top  performers are finally being rewarded for their excellence.

Too often the tireless and vital work that financial planners  perform is overlooked in terms of recognition. Wealth Professional  would like to put that right. This issue is dedicated to making  heroes out of the most hard-working and successful advisors in  Canada, which was the driving force behind this presentation of  the top 50 advisors in Canada.
Of course it fell to you to make a submission, but what was the  methodology behind the rankings? The results are purely objective  and based on fixed criteria of performance. The first two aspects  we ranked were the increase of assets under management (AUM)  in the financial year ended October 31, 2013, and revenue the  individual contributed to the business. Due to their vital role,  these aspects of performance were given heavy weighting. Other aspects ranked were client retention, new clients introduced to the business, new business as a percentage of total client base and AUM per client managed by the individual planner. This is all designed to provide a good cross section of well-rounded planners.

Thanks to all the advisors who took the time to enter and congratulations to all those who made the cut. As part of Wealth Professional’s wider ethos to not just inform our readers, but also actively find ways to improve their business and profitably, we hope making the rankings will have a profound impact on your reputation.

We hope you enjoy the rundown and if you did not enter this year, we hope that you will do so the next time.

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