8 Kevin Hegedus, PWM Private Wealth Counsel

Kevin Hegedus of PWM Private Wealth Counsel is rank 8 in Wealth Professional Canada's 2018 Top 50 Advisors

8 Kevin Hegedus, PWM Private Wealth Counsel
PWM Private Wealth Counsel
HollisWealth, Industrial Alliance Securities

Saskatoon, SK

Kevin Hegedus returns to the Top 50 list this year, landing once again in the top 10. Hegedus increased his AUM by $66 million over the past year, and he has business-building firmly in mind for 2018. “From a growth perspective, my goal is to bring in $40–$50 million in new assets without a book purchase,” he says. “This has been our goal for a number of years now and something that we have been able to attain.”

The team at PWM Private Wealth Counsel is also looking at purchasing new books of business and has a number of options in the pipeline. Such expansion doesn’t always come easy, though, and requires the right planning in order to be a success. “I recently reached out to a coach with over 10 years of experience working with very large advisor firms in the US, specializing in running more efficient and profitable practices and elevating the client experience,” Hegedus says. “I am hoping to take our client experience to a new level in the coming year.”

That means providing the myriad services that clients have come to expect from wealth management. The most successful practices are those that provide answers to many different questions, and Hegedus has every intention of building PWM into one of Canada’s top independent firms. “You have to build a practice that takes a more holistic approach, where you are addressing not only wealth management, but tax, insurance, succession and philanthropic issues as well,” he says. “This is the only way clients will be able to get past the fee-driven mindset and be able to see the true value that an advisor offers.”