3 Brad Moore, SAGE Connected Investing

Brad Moore of SAGE Connected Investing is rank 3 in Wealth Professional Canada's 2018 Top 50 Advisors

3 Brad Moore, SAGE Connected Investing

SAGE Connected Investing
Raymond James

Calgary, AB

With 34 years as a financial advisor under his belt, Brad Moore sets the standard for his team at SAGE Connected Investing. Moore had the highest annual growth rate – 85% – of this year’s Top 50 Advisors, which brought his assets under management to $244 million, divided among 274 clients.

His client base continues to expand each year as well, bringing both challenges and opportunities. “They have become more demanding because they too have access to much of the same info and tools as we do,” Moore says. “You have to add value, or they will logically do it themselves. At the same time, many are overwhelmed by it all and therefore feel the need for a professional more than ever.”

Part of Raymond James, one of the top wealth management firms in the world, SAGE appears to be in safe hands. That isn’t the case for every firm, however, as Moore points out. “Independent firms are being squeezed with excessive compliance-related obligations,” he says. “The immense amount of money going into passive investments like ETFs and benchmark/index funds is very concerning. Investors, and society as a whole, pay a price when capital is allocated based on current market capitalization rather than true productive value.”