18 Mark Winson, Wise Riddell Financial Group

Mark Winson of Wise Riddell Financial Group is rank 18 in Wealth Professional Canada's 2018 Top 50 Advisors

18 Mark Winson, Wise Riddell Financial Group
Wise Riddell Financial Group
Aligned Capital Partners

Oakville, ON

A year in which he grew his assets under management by $21 million – an 11% increase on 2016 – couldn’t be considered anything other than a huge success for Mark Winson. The Oakvillebased advisor just celebrated his 30th year in wealth management, but he’s looking ahead with some big plans for the future. Specifically, he intends to move to a discretionary platform and integrate a new partner,

James Simon, into his practice in 2018. Winson also recently welcomed his daughter to the growing team at Wise Riddell Financial Group, which he identifies as a career highlight.