10 Kyle Richie, Richie Group

Kyle Richie of Richie Group is rank 10 in Wealth Professional Canada's 2018 Top 50 Advisors

10 Kyle Richie, Richie Group
Richie Group
Investors Group

Toronto, ON

With an impressive $370 million in AUM, Kyle Richie finds himself among Canada’s top 10 advisors after adding $70 million to his book of business over the past year. That doesn’t mean his ambition has dulled, however – quite the opposite, in fact. “From a business standpoint, we would like to hit $500 million AUM in the next year,” Richie says. “From a client perspective, we would like to stay ahead of the curve, especially given the recent budget proposal.”

The tax changes in the upcoming budget will undoubtedly put Richie’s tax planning skills to good use. He has built his practice by providing financial guidance to high-net-worth clients, primarily doctors and dentists. Professionals in those fields tend to have assets, but not the time to manage them, which is where the Richie Group comes in. “Reducing fees is a must, and we must adapt to this change,” Richie says. “The question we should all ask is: What are we doing other than managing money for clients?”

Richie has been named Investors Group’s number-one advisor in Canada for 10 years in a row, which suggests he is more than meeting the expectations of his clients. Like most of this year’s Top 50 Advisors, he believes his team’s success comes through effective collaboration. “I have the best associate/business partner in Andrew Feindel,” Richie says. “He’s been with me since 2004, and we have grown our assets organically from $15 million to $370 million in 13 years.”