Top 50 Advisors 2018

Top 50 Advisors 2018 Each January, Wealth Professional Canada rings in the new year by highlighting the wealth management industry’s premier talent. WPC’s fifth annual Top 50 Advisors list contains some familiar faces, as well as a few young guns just starting to make a name for themselves. There is a healthy mix geographically, too – while Ontario dominates, seven provinces are represented in this year’s selection.

In terms of the rankings, WPC has streamlined the criteria for the Top 50 list – those who maintained and added the most assets over 2017 are ranked the highest.

While an advisor’s abilities can’t be measured by book size alone, this typically offers a good indication of how they are performing.

In total, this year’s Top 50 Advisors manage more than $11 billion in assets, a considerable increase on last year’s $8.8 billion. Thanks in part to the markets’ strong performance, these advisors have been able to generate greater returns and grow assets impressively throughout 2017.

In terms of client numbers, the advisors featured here were somewhat selective in taking on new business in 2017. The
average client count among the Top 50 is 378, although those offering discretionary management were likely to have considerably fewer clients. The majority are also now operating on a fee-only basis, which represents something of a sea change from the days when commissions were the compensation model of choice.

While the experience of the advisors featured here ranges from four years in the business to 36, it’s heartening to see some new names on the list. In an industry that has struggled to attract new talent, this year’s Top 50 list suggests progress is being made.