WPCA Top 50 Advisor: Gillian Stovel Rivers

Gillian Stovel Rivers's Wealth Professional Canada Top 50 Advisor Profile

WPCA Top 50 Advisor: Gillian Stovel Rivers
Name: â€‹Gillian Stovel Rivers

Question. What makes a good  advisor? 

Answer: Use of smart technology,  sometimes more than one if it  means a clearer message to  the client that can create  momentum and confidence.  This means the momentum  and confidence also has to come from the  practitioner, which in our case, we believe that  means the Advisor’s team. We leverage smart  planning and communications technology and  software, a 4-person client process, and ultimately  a dashboard based set of communication tools to  explain matters to clients. The result is simplified  statements of the information, clearly stated  options for discussion, so that the client can select  their own focused pathway forward with  confidence and momentum.


  • M.A., CFP, Senior Wealth Advisor, Assante Financial Management Ltd.
  • Co-Founder & Head Coach, 5 Great Adventures Inc.
  • Previous:
    Years of Experience:
    Almost 10 years of experience in the wealth management industry
    • She developed the Economic Wealth Process with her father and mentor, Gord Stovel.
    • Chairman’s Council Elite, 2009
    • Certified Financial Planner
    • McMaster University
    • University of Toronto
    Current Town

    Burlington, Ontario

    • 2 Sons
    Other Information  

    Weal Professional Canada Top 50 Advisor 2014

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