Hall of Fame 2018

Wealth Professional Canada’s first Hall of Fame brings together some of the most recognizable and accomplished advisors in wealth management

Hall of Fame 2018

The ability to provide sound financial advice is a skill that takes years to master, which is why those at the top of the profession tend to have a few grey hairs. Managing a person’s finances means protecting their future, and it’s a responsibility not to be taken lightly.

Wealth Professional Canada’s inaugural Hall of Fame showcases 11 veterans who have enhanced the status of financial advisors in Canada. All have more than 30 years in the business, which has allowed them to experience how the job of the financial advisor has shifted from simply selling life insurance or mutual funds to holistic financial planning. The advisors featured here have thrived by adapting to the industry’s evolution.

That’s not to say everything in the wealth management garden is entirely rosy, and many of this year’s Hall of Fame members cite increased regulation as more of a hindrance than a benefit for consumers. By and large, though, these veterans are positive about the advisory business and where it’s headed. As Canada’s wealth transfers from one generation to the next, a demographic shift is occurring in wealth management,  too. It’s the responsibility of seasoned advisors to ensure this transition goes smoothly – a role this year’s Hall of Fame members are keen to embrace.