For Alexandra Horwood, it's all in the family

Alexandra Horwood shares insights about the family business, life-changing service, and the importance of support

For Alexandra Horwood, it's all in the family

If someone had told Alexandra Horwood in her youth that she’d join the wealth industry, she probably wouldn’t have batted an eyelash. It was, after all, what her mother and father did for a living.

“Growing up entrenched in the family business of wealth management has provided me with excellent guidance, advice, and mentorship from two respected industry veterans who I also consider friends,” said Horwood, who is a Director, Wealth Management and Portfolio Manager at Richardson GMP.

Being an investment advisor requires the marriage of two stereotypically disparate traits: numeracy and a passion to connect with others. Whether it was through genetics or exposure to her parents’ business, it was clear that she possessed this potent combination, which manifested well before she entered the professional field.

“I have always excelled in math, and while tutoring Statistics at the University of Waterloo my professor said that my students’ improvement in grades was unlike anything he had ever seen. I love numbers, teaching and I love meeting people and listening to their story and goals.”

In 2010, she finally joined the family business. But of course, she wasn’t given a prestigious name-on-the-door title right away as if it were her birthright. Instead, she said, she started as an assistant on her family’s team, a position with duties that included “coffee runs, filing documents, and learning about the business from the ground up.”

She didn’t stay there for long. A graduate with honours from the University of Waterloo who afterwards studied at Australia’s Macquarie University, she soon rose to become the youngest person ever to reach her current position at Richardson GMP. And as a portfolio manager, she has been an overwhelming force that brought financial stability to her clients’ lives.

“The most fulfilling aspect of this business is when my valued clients send me personal testimonials about how meeting me was a milestone event in their lives,” she said. “They feel financially secure, confident, and happy. They finally have peace of mind that their financial affairs are handled with care so that they will achieve their overall goals.”

Horwood gives clients that feeling of stability by bringing three characteristics to bear: character, care, and competency. “I am passionate about wealth management; it is an extension of who I am,” she said. “I treat my clients like family, dedicated to their long-term success … if you work hard and always put your clients first, you will be successful.” Following that ideal, she earned her designations as a Chartered Investment Manager and life insurance agent to ensure that all aspects of her clients’ financial health is planned for.

While she has become successful, she didn't do it alone. Alexandra gives credit to numerous mentors who taught her about tax and estate planning, investing, and leading by example. She was also able to create a solid support team when she formed Alexandra Horwood and Partners, a core of trusted colleagues she works with to deliver what she calls “platinum client service.”

Through discretionary portfolio management, her team can provide a service model that effectively and efficiently takes administrative burdens away from clients. “We continuously look to expand our services, and where it makes sense, we seek out specialists who will enrich our holistic wealth management suite of services,” she said. “The continuous pursuit of excellent client service is the trend we follow.”

“Continuous pursuit” might sound grueling and torturous, but to Alexandra, it’s just a marathon that can be completed with a few simple steps. “Remember to focus on what you can control, work hard and be honest,” she said. “It is the most rewarding feeling to know that you are helping people every day through win-win results.”

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