Portfolio Management Powerhouses 2017

Portfolio Management Powerhouses 2017 What does fiduciary duty really mean? That’s the question currently being asked in the US as the Department of Labor wrangles with the investment industry over proposed legislation to ensure financial advisors work in the best interests of their clients. Opponents of the rule say further red tape will only serve to reduce investment options for the mass market. That argument isn’t commonplace among the discretionary portfolio managers featured here. Money managers take their fiduciary responsibility very seriously, and many wonder why similar standards aren’t in place across the whole wealth management spectrum.

Canada’s PMs play a vital role in the investment space, guiding some of the country’s most successful entrepreneurs and professionals in the how, when and why of investing their money. Offering some candid thoughts on how money managers and clients can better align, these top portfolio managers provide a valuable insight into how both sides’ best interests can ultimately prosper.