Som Seif

Som Seif of Purpose Investments is on Wealth Professional Canada's Hot List of 2015.

One of this country’s newest fund management companies, Purpose Investments recently announced it has already accumulated $1 billion in assets in just two years. It’s impressive, but perhaps no surprise. Seif was an RBC investment banker in the late 1990s; there, he played a key role in developing the structured products group. Always with his eye on the larger trends, Seif moved on to start the early ETF fund manager Claymore Investment Management. He grew that company to $8 billion in assets before selling it in 2012 to the world’s largest fund manager, BlackRock. Sensing the next big trend, Seif moved on to start Purpose, a company set on democratizing the alternative investment space by offering so-called liquid alt mutual funds. With interest rates at rockbottom levels, many are turning to alternative investments to generate yield – and it seems Seif has put himself at the right place at the right time again.