Pierre Lapointe

Pierre Lapointe of Jarislowsky Fraser is on Wealth Professional Canada's Hot List of 2015.

Is there a brand name more respected in the modern Canadian wealth management industry than Jarislowsky Fraser? Arguably, no. The 89-year old Stephen Jarislowsky is this country’s most heralded wealth manager. He started a research firm in post-war Montreal, and the investment firm has been managing the money of many of  Canada’s most well-heeled patrons and institutions since.

Now the firm is evolving into a new era, giving average Canadians access to a series of mutual funds that represent the firm’s foray into the broad retail market. A thirty-year veteran of the firm, Lapointe is immersed in the culture that’s made Jarislowsky Fraser so successful. In 2012, he was named chairman of the executive committee, a role that will make him key to the firm’s coming growth strategy in North America and overseas.