Paul Tepsich, Scott Tomenson

Paul Tepsich and Scott Tomenson of High Rock Capital Management is on Wealth Professional Canada's Hot List of 2015.

There are some new kids on the private wealth block. Paul Tepish served as head of Canadian credit trading at Merrill Lynch Canada until his departure in 2008. A portfolio manager at Hesperian Capital Management, he was the lead manager for their two newly formed high-yield funds. The firm’s flagship high-yield fund, The Norrep Yield Fund, was a top performer on a quarterly basis while Tepsich was lead manager.

He left Hesperian to form High Rock Capital was formed in 2010. Since then he has teamed up with Scott Tomenson, a 30-year veteran of investment management who began as an institutional fixed-income trader/risk manager. Now co-owners, the pair have been managing about $200 million in institutional money for Scotiabank – ut friends and family kept asking when they were going to manage money for them. Thus, High Rock Private Wealth management was born this April.