Nader Hamid

Victor Dodig of CIBC is on Wealth Professional Canada's Hot List of 2015.

In this weird world of near-zero interest rates, generating return is tougher than ever. Cutting-edge advisors like Nader Hamid are going beyond the old prescriptions to deliver on the client promise. According to Hamid, the old standby principle that markets are efficient is flawed. Buy and hold is not a strategy, neither is the idea that an investment portfolio should be based in only the three asset classes of cash, fixed income and equity.

Total Wealth Management manages funds on a discretionary basis. There are three scenarios for the firm’s holdings: all in during a bullish streak, all out when markets are sliding, and average back in when things look flat. The firm also introduces asset classes outside of the standard three as a way to create a low level of correlation between portfolios and the market.