Michael Holden

Michael Holden of CIBC is on Wealth Professional Canada's Hot List of 2015.

Holden’s journey as a financial advisor began when he joined Great Pacific Management in 1991. He’s now with HollisWealth. Based in Vancouver, and he’s developed a sophisticated discretionary practice that’s on the vanguard of that model’s move upward. “Less than 3% of our industry has achieved this,” Holden says. “We do not believe that a buy-and-hold strategy works for most people, and we feel that a discretionary approach is the only way we can proactively manage client portfolios in a timely manner.

The practice also employs a team-based approach, which is another evolved strategy. “Most of us know that two heads are better than one when it comes to planning,” Holden says. “We do not use the typical hierarchical structure for our team. We have a team of eight people. Each person in our team has responsibility for a few specific aspects of our overall business. Our industry is becoming increasingly complex, and one person cannot do it all. We believe that a team of specialists that are all working together to find the best solutions for each client is the best way to achieve this.” That team is just as bullish on social giving, having started its own charitable foundation, providing capital for micro financing through Kiva and, for Christmas last year, helping build a school in Cambodia.