Joe Canavan

Joe Canavan is on Wealth Professional Canada's Hot List of 2015.

Name any innovation in the Canadian wealth management industry, and it seems Canavan has been involved.  He was at Fidelity from 60 million to a meteoric rise to 6 billion.  Started GT Global (now AIM Trimark) and ramped it to 2.5 billion in 2 years.  He started (then sold) Synergy Asset Management to CI Financial for amazing bundle and with his team from Synergy turned around Assante Wealth Management, which is now a $30 billion company. In 2012-2014 he parachuted in to turnaround the Children’s Aid Foundation as Interim CEO. He completed the job (as a volunteer) and replaced himself with a new CEO.  The serial entrepreneur then had a hand in Wealthsimple, which just struck a deal with Power Financial. His latest projects? Fintech start-ups, Borrowell and Koho Financial, Temperance Capital and half dozen other tech businesses.