Harley Lockhart, CLU, CH.F.C.

Harley Lockhart of Quail Ridge Financial is on Wealth Professional Canada's Hot List of 2015.

A tireless champion of embedded comp-based advisors, the former Chair of Advocis has actually grown his influence as the industry moves toward full CRM2 implementation. In an era when it’s become trendy to attack those who charge through fund fees, Lockhart has been out there fighting the battle on chat boards and in the press. He has been diligent in making the very rational argument that, with transparency, it doesn’t matter how fees are charged – if the client can see it, they can make the decision. More so, any ban on embedded comp would  reduce access to an advisor for smaller investors—those who need advice the most. Preserving choice… what a concept. Let’s hope Lockhart never stops speaking out.