David Goodman

David Goodman of Dundee Corporation is on Wealth Professional Canada's Hot List of 2015.

Back in 2011, Dundee Corp. sold its advisor network, DundeeWealth, to Scotiabank for a hefty $2.3 billion. Since then, a non-compete clause has kept Dundee out of the wealth management industry. Over the past year, the firm’s patriarch, Ned Goodman, moved out of the way to let his eldest son, David, take the top spot at Dundee. DundeeWealth has been rebranded HollisWealth, and the non-compete clauses have run out. Rumour on the street is that David is getting ready to take the family firm back into wealth management with a new private group focused on alternative products, land and agriculture investments. Would the return of this historic name to the sector be the biggest story in Canadian wealth management in the year to come? Absolutely.