Special reports

  • Traders attempt currency manipulation

    Also in Germany: BaFin, the German securities regulator, said it found “concrete evidence” that traders attempted to manipulate the global currency market.

  • Real estate creating global risk

    A member of the German central bank is warning that a combination of generous central bank policies and investors’ search for yield in a low-interest rate environment is creating risks.

  • China and Russia strike gas deal

    In other Chinese-related investment news a decade-long negotiation over natural gas supply results in a major new deal signed between China and Russia.

  • Chinese Market riles investors

    This morning: The mysterious “floor” in the Chinese stock market, a decade of negotiations over natural gas, German securities regulators worry about low interest rates, currency market manipulation, Canadian consumers revel in low interest rates.

  • Morning Newswire: What's Lowflation? | Canadians bearish on economy | Spanish lynchpin pulled |

    Canadians are overestimating the weakness of the economy; Bank of England is worried about redemption risk; rising interest rates could sink housing sector in the UK; Financial Times picks up on new term, “lowflation”; Andrea Horwath wants a debate on the Ontario economy; Spain may actually be in recovery

  • New Dundee strategic alliance

    PPI, a national marketer of insurance solutions, and Dundee Goodman Insurance Agency Ltd. announced a strategic alliance yesterday.

  • Hudak Revives '80s-era 'Reaganomics'

    The Ontario provincial election seems to be turning into a referendum on the 1980s-era economic theory known as “Reaganomics?”

  • Conference Board identifies top Canadian economies

    Stating the blindingly obvious the Conferrence Board of Canada has released are report suggesting that the three oil-producing provinces in Canada, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Newfoundland, are the top economic performers in the country.

  • American Advisors headed for tough times

    A report in the Financial Times this morning suggests austerity measures are coming to the advisory industry in America.

  • Report: Canadians wealthier young

    A report from BMO Economics this morning suggests advisors would be wise to court young Canadians as clients.