• The reality of robo-advisors

    Robo-advisors won't swallow up the market, writes Jason Pereira - but they will force a complacent industry to reinvent itself

  • Discovery process

    Matthew Rodier, winner of the IIAC’s Top Under 40 Award, discusses what it takes for a young advisor to build a successful practice

  • Wrestling with responsibility

    As responsible investing becomes more widespread, writes Ryan Colwell, advisors must be fully informed about what they’re signing their clients up for

  • Rise of the machines

    Now that artificial intelligence is taking hold across asset management, should portfolio managers be concerned about their future?

  • Lines of communication

    For Sun Life Financial’s Chris Poole, running a successful practice means earning clients’ respect through regular contact

  • Balancing act

    Former Finance Minister Joe Oliver reveals why he decided to return to Bay Street after his time on Parliament Hill

  • How advisors are helping clients spend with confidence

    MacKenzie Investments survey reveals Canadians’ spending confidence levels and their reasons behind it

  • The case for certification

    Lack of trust is leading Canadians to forgo much needed financial advice, writes Cary List, but there is a way for the industry to build credibility

  • Advisors: fight the ban

    Advisors can help keep financial advice accessible to all Canadians, writes Advocis president Greg Pollock, by opposing the proposal banning embedded commissions

  • The case for better education

    Regulators aiming to clean up the industry should cast an eye on the dearth of qualifications required for advisors, writes Ludmil Natchev