• Taking a wider view

    Global awareness is changing the game for commodities traders writes Michael Yeung, and it’s up to Canadian to leverage it to move beyond their home bias

  • Bitcoin buyers beware

    Advisors who disregard the fundamentals of cryptocurrency do so at their own risk, writes Mike Connon

  • Self-serve investing

    Pumping your own gas has a lot in common with the changes coming to the wealth management industry, writes Dave Chellew

  • All that glitters

    As market volatility looms, there might be no time like the present to buy gold, writes Michael Yeung

  • Sinking into FAANGs

    Everyone loves a tale of rapid market gains, but these headlines often miss the real story, writes Kimberley Short

  • Passive gets aggressive

    For passive products, ETFs are starting to have quite an effect on corporate boardrooms, writes Talbot Babineau

  • Advising across generations

    Providing holistic advice requires being able to speak candidly to all members of a family, writes Jamie Suprun

  • Embracing the future

    The key to remaining relevant in a rapidly evolving industry, writes Steven Furtado, is leaning into the change

  • Who's afraid of the robo-advisor?

    The trepidation surrounding robo-advisors misses the point, writes Rob McClelland, which is that there’s no replacing human connection

  • The power of word of mouth

    Anyone who thinks robo-advisors are the future needs to remember the oldest form of communication, writes Jin Won Choi