• Passive gets aggressive

    For passive products, ETFs are starting to have quite an effect on corporate boardrooms, writes Talbot Babineau

  • Advising across generations

    Providing holistic advice requires being able to speak candidly to all members of a family, writes Jamie Suprun

  • Embracing the future

    The key to remaining relevant in a rapidly evolving industry, writes Steven Furtado, is leaning into the change

  • Who's afraid of the robo-advisor?

    The trepidation surrounding robo-advisors misses the point, writes Rob McClelland, which is that there’s no replacing human connection

  • The power of word of mouth

    Anyone who thinks robo-advisors are the future needs to remember the oldest form of communication, writes Jin Won Choi

  • Where’s the love for energy stocks?

    By turning their backs on the energy sector, investors are missing out one of the most lucrative investment opportunities in decades, writes Eric Nuttall

  • Every bit as good

    Despite its volatility, Bitcoin makes for a compelling alternative asset, argue Fred Pye and Jack Tatar

  • A generation set up for failure?

    Much like millennials have changed the way we work, soon they will change the way we lead. Hiam Sakakini suggests the old leadership development models will not work for this generation

  • The reality of robo-advisors

    Robo-advisors won't swallow up the market, writes Jason Pereira - but they will force a complacent industry to reinvent itself

  • Discovery process

    Matthew Rodier, winner of the IIAC’s Top Under 40 Award, discusses what it takes for a young advisor to build a successful practice