• Foreign Investors: How to purchase property in Australia

    The Australian property market offers a plethora of opportunities to investors. Australia itself is synonymous with stability, rich employment opportunities, world leading healthcare, efficient public transport, stunning landscapes, and iconic infrastructure. Investing in property in Australia is considered a relatively safe investment with steady capital gains and ultimately, returns.

  • All in the mind

    The emotional and psychological side of managing money is the great unsung obstacle for clients who would rather avoid the whole process, writes David Maynard

  • New challenges

    Sentry Investments’ new senior portfolio manager, Lieh Wang, reveals the career touchstones that helped shape his investment strategy

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    AGF Management CEO Blake Goldring discusses the firm’s ongoing reboot as it celebrates its 60th anniversary this year

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    Between spiralling real estate prices and growing debt loads, are consumers neglecting to save for their later years?

  • Capital thinking

    Ottawa-based advisor Graeme D. Baird reflects on how his business has evolved to meet the changing needs of Canadians

  • Keep investing simple

    A complicated investment is any one that the client doesn’t understand – and that can result in more downside than upside, writes Markus Muhs

  • Change equals opportunity

    The year to come will bring change for advisors. Dave Nugent offers three ways to grow your bottom line by embracing it instead of fighting it

  • The law of unintended consequences

    The Know Your Product obligations proposed by the CSA have the potential to curtail choice to the detriment of consumers, writes Ryan Colwell

  • The rules of wealth

    Michael Lee-Chin has been through more than a few turbulent markets over the course of his storied career. As a result, he now extols the importance of having a good mix of liquid and illiquid assets in your portfolio