Your best link to HNW clients

Your best link to HNW clients

Your best link to HNW clients

By raising their profile through social media, an advisor can establish awareness, then trust, and after that prospective clients engaged in communication.

“Once dialogue is established, it is up to the advisor to put his or her salesperson hat on, leverage value and that audience, and close those opportunities that present themselves,” said Yoshida. “Conversion still stems from the advisors’ sales skills.  Social media helps greatly to make introductions and break the ice.

Converting interactions into leads, and eventually clients

“Although it is not carved in stone that every tip or guidance you provide will turn into a new client, the goal of advisers should be to establish a system of value exchanges with group members, and that will significantly increase the odds of generating leads,” says Pannunzio.

The online interaction must focus on empowering LinkedIn contacts and group members to act on the advisers call to action, i.e., signing up for an upcoming seminar, subscribing to a newsletter or downloading articles and/or whitepapers.

“Advisers can achieve this by improving their content marketing. The ultimate goal of content marketing is to provide – on a proactive and on-going basis – information that the target audience finds valuable and that ultimately positions the adviser as a trusted financial services professional.”

“Effectual marketing content causes audiences to pause, read and get engaged. This in turn will compel them to act on the adviser’s call to action, seek their services, and eventually reward them with their business.”

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