Investment group ramps up high net worth offering

Investment group ramps up high net worth offering

Investment group ramps up high net worth offering IA Clarington Investment has rolled-out several enhancements for its pricing program for wealthy investors.

The enhancements to the firm's IA Clarington Elite Pricing include the auto-switching into the discounted elite series for qualified members and householding for managed portfolios of at least $100,000.

Additionally, the group introduced two new rebate thresholds. First, investors may now receive a 12.5 basis point rebate on every dollar invested at $2.5 million in a single account. Once the account reaches $5 million, the rebate will increase to 15 basis points.

"These enhancements to Elite Pricing demonstrate our continued commitment to meeting the pricing expectations of high-net-worth investors who place their trust in our active approach," iA Clarington senior vice president for product & investments Eric Frape said.

The pricing allows eligible investors to lower their fees in three ways: fund-level discounts, account-level rebates, and householding. For investors with at least $100,000 in a single fund in a single account, the Elite Series offers lower management expense ratio compared to group's standard retail series.

Meanwhile, those who have $250,000 in a single account are entitled to tiered rebates applied to every dollar invested. More so, investors can extend the benefits of their plans to family members and corporate accounts.

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